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Things to be kept in mind regarding web development

The web development is a description about various actions, related to the design of websites for both Intranet and Internet. This technology mainly requires development of business related to an e-commerce, development of web content , designing of the web , configuration of web server and coding of course from both the client side and the server side.

Photography Site

We got these top tips from our new favourite site - of the Peckforton Castle Wedding Photographer! Two niches of photography that you could consider going into...

Conference Photography
Behave as a flower pot, you are not there to be seen, credited, applauded or even noticed. Keep an eye on the background of every shot, not to bring into the picture anything strange coming out from the body of the subjects.


(Answers are given at the end of the article. Try your best!)

1- What camera gives an image via a pin hole?
2- Who is considered the Father of the Portrait Studio?
3- Why Mr. Daguerre is granted a life-pension in France?
4- What are Ambrotypes?
5- Who discovered the “Color Separation Method”?
6- Who produced and directed the first color (commercial) film in recorded history?
7- Who was assigned to photograph the brothels of Paris in 1921?
8- After what work George Eastman commits suicide?
9- In what year Polaroid start selling white and black film?

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